Lease of Warehouses to these groups for storage and repacking of Agricultural products for export being the primary interest. This will go a long way in enhancing international trade and as a result create sustainable employment in the agro-industrial sector. A sector that can be provided for opportunity in the re packaging of the produce for export into the international market.


Provision of warehouse storage for importers and bulk breaking to enable retail trade i.e. Tiles, Steel, Granite, Fixtures and fittings.
This allows traders to ware house in bulk imported construction materials that open them up to the regional market thus enhancing the capacity of economic growth facilitated by the compact FTZ facility. Not to mention the fact that the MICE facility will be used as well by the traders within the facility to show case there final products.


The FTZ will include a MICE facility, Logistics hub, warehouses, Vehicular / Mechanical machinery yard and Light railway.
The MICE facility will greatly aid those operating from the facility to display their wares thus providing a platform within the eco system of the facility to enhance trade as well as hosting conferences
For those trading within the region, will benefit greatly from the railway line within the facility that will be used to export the re packaged or assembled items within the region from the assembly point creating efficiency in transport and thus aiding trade.


Compact FTZ targets the provision of space for interested entities to assemble various electronic products such as TVs, Solar panel motherboards, mobile phones. This is a labor intensive assembly sector and will contribute significantly to employment of Kenyans not forgetting skill transfer. Currently the operator has received interests from TV set assemblers who would not only be interested in the Logistics hub for importation of the assembly items but would be looking to assemble there electronics within the facility warehouses for sale locally as well as within the region due to the facilities proximity to the railway and air infrastructure.
The above providing a platform for increased job opportunity not only for professionals but as well skilled and unskilled labor.


Provision of sheds and warehouses enable assembling of items within the automotive industry such as motorcycles.
For example, our current client, the boda boda association, are interested in assembly of motorcycles and thus we are keen in offering a suitable environment in which they would be able to carry out their assembly of motorcycle units to be sold within the region. Worth noting is the fact that the above creates job opportunities within the assembly line while further creating an opportunity for export with the region.